Life @ Emmi

Emmi Group of Institutions is from KG to PG (Kindergarden to Post Graduation). Emmi provides a stimulating environment that caters to each students individuality. Students will experience high quality programs of international quality and caliber. The faculty focuses on all-round development of students. They nurture students in an environment where future academic and carrier success is promoted and celebrated. We maintain open dialogue with parents and update them pertaining to their ward's activities, development changes, educational advancements and social welfare.

Emmi Group of Institutions is deliberately multicultural in its articulated philosophy and members of Emmi Community are supported in developing and understanding their own culture and the cultures of other community.

Education in India is starkly differentiated, on one hand they have the traditional method of ‘chalk and talk’ methodology which stuff the children with outdate information, while on the other hand we at Emmi teach the students to analyse, understand, participate in non-academic activities and apply knowledge in content. We strive to maintain International Standards and also utilise the latest technology to provide better services for the students.

Our campus is secure, safe, clean and energising. We have state-of-the art infrastructure and provides a platform for every student to channelise and give directions to their spirit of adventure and passion for learning. In an exhilarating environment the student will experience the true joy of learning. The days are full of activities, learning, fun and interaction with other students, teachers and other staff. Every student is motivated to join in sports and games regularly. With us education does not only mean academic but more than that, essential for the all round development of the student.


We at Emmi know that it is not only important to have excellent grades but also feel that the development of the student equally depends on the involvement in co-curricular activities.

Co-curricular activities means to enhance Social Interaction, Leadership, Healthy Recreation, Self Discipline and Self Confidence.

In today’s highly competitive world, students are facing lot of mental stress. So, in addition to their class room teaching we have an impressive array of co-curricular enrichment programs which are competitive sports and games, community service, intercultural experience, fine arts and student exchange program.

For Healthy recreation Yoga, Music, Dance, Physical Education and Karate are encouraged. Students are actively involved in outdoor activities in form of adventure camps, field trips. We encourage our students to get engaged in various competitions.

Play ground is designed to play all kinds of sports and games which helps the students to relax themselves and also give them good health.