About Us

“Train up a child in the way they should go; when they are old, they will not depart from it.”

Emmi Group of Institutions is from KG to PG (Kindergarden to Post Graduation). Emmi provides a stimulating environment that caters to each student’s individuality. Students will experience high quality programs of international quality and caliber. The faculty focuses on all-round development of the students. They nurture students in an environment where future academic and carrier success is promoted and celebrated. We maintain open dialogue with parents and update them pertaining to their ward's activities, development changes, educational advancements and social welfare.

Emmi Group of Institutions is deliberately multicultural in its articulated philosophy and members of Emmi Communities are supported in developing and understanding their own culture and the cultures of other community.


Rev. Dr. P. Ranjan Babu
Founder President
Rev. Dr. M. Swarnalatha Devi
Honorary President
Prof. P. Emmanuel Prakash
Prof. B. Annie Prakash
Secretary & Correspondent




"Students are like icebergs: what you see above the surface is only 10% of who they really are. Their true personalities are hidden and that’s where their talent lies and that’s what we work on." The choice of the right institution ensures that the seed for best education has been already sowed. In today’s world learning through multiculturalism is not just another way to learn, it is the way to learn. We hope you will enjoy your time learning about the community, the programs and the character of Emmi Group. The Emmi Group combines an ambitious, challenging academic program and a rich range of extracurricular activities within a valued framework that draws on a variety of cultures and prepares students for global citizenship. We grant scholarship for meritorious students. Facilities for higher education in various course is offered by Emmi Group of Institutions.

"Your destiny is in your hands. We encourage you to step in and experience the difference."