With changing of time education system is no longer confined to class rooms. Most of the classrooms are Digital which consists of Computer, Projector and Surround System which helps the students in viewing and learning lessons easily. It is a sophisticated program which enhances teaching-learning process inside the class room and gives students the edge in today’s competitive age.

The teaching methods at Emmi are based on education including extracurricular activties. Students actively exercise the four fundamental functions of the language : listening, speaking, reading and writing. However, particular attention is given to the conversation to develop student in increasing the capacity to express and to communicate. In the very beginning of the course, an oral test is cinducted before every class to determine their knowledge in respective subjects.

Various methods are used and the pace that is set stimulates students by keeping them interested and channeling their enthusiasm when in class. Students learn actively, they do not simply listen to lengthy explanations or take dictated notes.

Students having difficulty in their academics are continuously monitored and encouraged to perform well through special sessions. An educational consultant is provided for regular monitoring of the students.

Library is the soul of Emmi Group of Institutions with upto date books and journals. Digital Library is also available for better knowledge and understanding.

Computer Lab is available with sophisticated computers. Diploma in Computer application is taught with latest basic courses to the students which helps them to be in pace with the society.

Well equipped labs help the students to do more practical work and enable them to understand the subjects easily.